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Flock is hurting one bird - I'm afraid they're going to kill him

We had 7 guineas. Two were killed by foxes in April, so now we only have 5. But one of them is Tiny Tim, a smaller bird who has always had a misshapen wing on one side, and a pronounced limp. He keeps up with the others just fine, and they always accepted him. (There was another who they would pick on occasionally, but that was one of the ones we lost.)

Somehow those two losses changed the dynamic of our flock. In the last couple weeks, the remainder of the flock has taken after Tiny Tim with a vengeance. They won't let him up in the coop when it's raining, so he stays down in the run and gets soaked. They won't let him range around with them, but constantly drive him away. He can't even be in sight most of the time, or they'll attack him. This morning, I found him huddled in a muddy corner of the run. His whole back end had been badly pecked. I thought he was dead at first.

I put him in an old wire dog crate, and he didn't even object when I picked him up. I know it's better for him to be with other birds, but I'm afraid they're going to kill him. I swear, they were NOT mean like this before!

Is there anything at all I can do for Tiny Tim? Is there a way to motivate the others to accept him again? Please tell me there's a way to help him!